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"The Environment"

""We are in a period of grace, we have the time - perhaps a generation - in which to save the environment from the final effects of the violence we have already done to it."

- Barry Commoner, Earth Day, 1970

The future is calling. Are you listening?

A generation has passed since Barry Commoner spoke those words.

The grace period is over. Long over. And the only thing that has changed is the the environment is in far worse condition.

In November 1992 the Union of Concerned Scientists warned that humanity had about a decade to turn things around environmentally (See Scientists Warning above). It is now more than 4 years later and still there is only talk and little action.

Time is running out on the human race.

The Union of Concerned Scientists went on to say:

A new ethic is required -- a new attitude towards discharging our responsibility for caring for ourselves and for the earth. We must recognize the earth's limited capacity to provide for us. We must recognize its fragility. We must no longer allow it to be ravaged. This ethic must motivate a great movement, convince reluctant leaders and reluctant governments and reluctant peoples themselves to effect the needed changes.

There is no way anymore to avoid the crash: It is going to happen becuase we have gone too far down the road of destruction.

But that doesn't mean we should give up, because the fact remains that the crash, however inevitable, is till a relative matter. People will die, but will the numbers be in the thousands or the millions or the tens of millions - or even more?

What we CAN still do is aim for the softest landing possible, but we need to get working today, making changes as soon as possible.

Are you ready to be a part of that movement, for the sake of the future, for your own sake and the sake of our children and grandchildren, for the sake of the web of life whose very structure is now damaaged beyond description?

Please feel welcome to send us your comments, suggestions ideas or request more information.

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